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This is not an all inclusive list, but its a start....

Menus (Inventories and the Tab Help Menu) only display menu options which relate to what you are carrying or wearing. In general, be sure to check out menu options for every armor and weapon you carry. There are many more features than meets the eye.

Other than all the other cool stuff in this mod, here's a list of what is

(As far as I know, anyway, 'cuz I persoanlly made this stuff...)


  • Anti-Spawn-Turret script prevents enemies from covering your player spawn-points with turrets.
  • New vote options like Cycle Mission and Extend Time.
  • Hundreds of lines of script cleaned up, simplified, and fixed, which you may not notice except in server speed and stability.
  • Lots of script only an admin can appreciate.


  • B´oWasteland was the first mod to use unique graphics to represent the various packs players carry (instead of the old standard 'ammopack' graphic), so at a glance one can know what the player carries. Many hidden graphics and sound effects utilized. All 100% compatible so no downloads required to enjoy B´owasteland.


  • Energy Stealing: stand in the enemy's Energy Beam, and collect upto 100 units of energy. The more you collect the longer you're standing there waiting to get killed, so don't be greedy. Return to your team's beam and cash it all in, 1 point for every unit you carry.
  • Bone Collecting: collect all of the enemies Bones from his Ancestral Sarcophagus to win the mission (provided you still have all your own).
  • Engineer Challange: One lone engineer versus the entire server. Let the blood bath begin.
  • Free For All Team DM: free for all killing sprees with deployables disabled.
  • Boxing: free for all killing... with your bare hands. Players really throw punches, and the victim reacts when a punch connects.
  • Titan Maps: Each team must march, protect, supply and repair its Titan as it attempts to reach the enemy's switch.
  • Racing Maps: By foot, or vehicle, be the first to complete the race to score.
  • Smear the Flag: Score points by holding the Scoring Flag.


  • Runner Armor: fast as it gets. Specialized for flag running. Also can mine acid on objects to destroy them.

    Unique aspects include Acid which it can spray on objects, Brass Knuckles for bare fisted combat, and the Peace Grenade to disarm the enemy. See below for his other unique items.

  • Stealth Armor: based on the Shifter Arbitor Armor (what does Arbitor mean anyway?).

    Retooled to be the Energy Specialist, focusing on energy weapons and abilities. New features include his touch which can power stations and turrets for a brief period of time. Redid the Cloaking beacon, use one and cloak standard style. Use two and he Stealth Cloaks (becomes invisible, looses his tell-tale arrow, and is ignored by all turrets). See below for his many unique weapons and packs.

  • Titan Armor: 10 weapons, ample ammo, huge armor. Available only in Titan map types.

    Retooled to be the Energy Specialist, focusing on energy weapons and abilities. New features include his touch which can power stations and turrets for a brief period of time. Redid the Cloaking beacon, use one and cloak standard style. Use two and he Stealth Cloaks (becomes invisible, looses his tell-tale arrow, and is ignored by all turrets). See below for his many unique weapons and packs.


  • Punji Spikes: Recon Armor: impale and pin-down the victim.
  • Morph Trap: Patriot Armor: changes the poor soul into a foreign team and armor.
  • Scary Trap: Spy Armor: makes 'em drop a load, if you will....
  • Quick Sand: Assassin Armnor: need I say more.
  • Stun Trap: Runner Armor: stuns the player until he goes to his command screen and back..
  • Energy Snare: Stealth Armor: encases and crushes its target in an electric box, which can be disarmed by killing its power source.


  • 3-in-1 Gun: to minimize the number of non-weapon guns an Engineer has to cycle thru, this gun incorporates the Hack, Disassemble, and Det-Bug Sweeper all in one.
  • Det Bug Sweeper: part of the 3-in-1 Gun, pretty much the only way to clean up those pesky things. Becareful, its been known to detonate a few in the process.
  • Sabotage Pack and Tool: Runner armor can set enemy stations to punish their users in fun ways.


  • EMP Mortar: unique to the Stealth Armor
  • Flame Thower: not unique, but its flame graphics are.
  • Flyer Gun Mounts: hellaciously huge guns mounted on vehicles for serious mobile damage.
  • Grenade Launcher: see tab menu for its options: Normal, EMP, Concusssion, Toxin, Peace, and Mine Layer.
  • Grounder Rockets: an option for the Rocket Launcher, keeps a flying player on the ground.
  • PoisonDart Blow Gun: kill a target with the poison and you still get credit for the kill.
  • Twin Fuser: the original dual-disc fuser.


  • BattlePack: Patriots use this pack to morph into a mobile Heavy Armor Assault Armor and get mad.
  • Command Laptop: Originally only capable of only 3 things: !. accessing Command Station functions remotely, intercepting enemy chat, and Spies could use it to touch-hack turrets. Now it can also intercept even encrypted enemy chat, and Recon Armor can use it to scan enemy networks to waypoint and find hidden enemy items and players..
  • Inveigler: the Stealth can use this bird to collide with and possess its victim, or fire poison darts remotely.
  • Leech Pack: a modified Regeneration Pack, leeches health from enemy, or adds shield to freindly. Potent enough to be a weapon in itself.
  • Nuclear Pack: Goliath and Dreadnaught: Can be deployed to create the Nuclear Generator (which enables nuclear capability for the team). Also serves as Dreadnaught's Containment Pack for his Tactical Nuke Launcher, as well as the Suicide pack for the Goliath. Allows either armor to pick up the other's Nuclear Pack and use it in their own way.
  • Probe Droid: Recon uses this remote probe to spy on the enemy, and fire quick shots of energy remotely.
  • RocketLock Pack: the Engineer can use it to fire Lock-Rockets from his Rocket Launcher.
  • Spawn Point:: Recon Armor: used as a pack, the Recon calls players to spawn where he stands. Can also be deployed by pointing it at the ground to establish a new fixed spawn point for your team.
  • Warp Pack: the Stealth uses it to warp thru walls, floors, and ceilings, as set in the Tab Menu..


  • Air Base: redesigned
  • Emergency Inventory: indestructible and unhackable, carries the bare essentials to get your base operational again.
  • Zepplin Pad: a place to get a Zepplin (see packs).

CONSTRUCTION (nothing is ornamental, if it exists, it has a function)

  • Antenna: pick's up enemy chat (if it's not encrypted).
  • Base Control Switch: when deployed near an enemy power source, it inserts itself into the enemy power grid and can capture the entire grid for friendly use. Self destructs when reclaimed by the enemy, freeing the enemy's base from this capture.
  • Cactus: defensive topiary, which do various prick damages to its victims.
  • Electric Web: floor and wall models which allow friendlies to pass thru unharmed, but give enemy units quite a snag. If they manage to survive the ordeal, they'll find their weapons and pack hung up in the web... best to not go back in to get 'em.
  • Elevator: to get the heavies back up. Also will penetrate the floor of floating bases, bringing you inside for 1st class service.
  • Emergency Inventory: indestructible and unhackable, carries the bare essentials to get your base operational again.
  • Hologram: decoys to fool the enemy.
  • MagBridge: Patriot Armor: allows running over-head on a mobile bridge.
  • Poisonous Oak: a carniverous tree, more defensive topiary.
  • Portable Hole: Patriot Armor: pokes a hole in the enemy's hull so you can get walk right thru their walls.
  • Satellite Dish: an uplink to a sky eye satellite , making the entire map visible.
  • Spawn Point, Deployable : Recon Armor: establish a new spawn point by deploying on this pack ground. Can also just carry it so players will spawn where the Recon stands.


  • Air Fuser Turrets: great for aerial assults.
  • Hellacious Turret: no turret does more damage, or is as much fun to fire!
  • Sentry: will jail its victims (if you have one).
  • Target Acquisition Turret: does what it says, points 'em out for ya.
  • Prisms: 1st deploy creates the prisms unique power source. 2nd deploy creates the prism itself.
    -Repair Prism: repairs nearby items and players.
    -Disrupting Prism: leeches enemy units..


  • Base Vigil: a computer panel that monitors the base for enemy presence, and waypoints the invaders and their items.
  • Chat Encryptor: prevents the antenna from intercepting your private tema chat.
  • Invasion Marker: allows a small area of spawn turrets to aid in the construction of an invasive outpost.
  • Jail: redesigned in look and function. Jailed players can't suicide to escape their sentence. Enemy can't turret the jail either (previously a popular but lame way to spawn kill players).
  • Swicth Lock: a tough lock on switches to delay the enemy from capturing it.


  • Prowler: a sleak Scout with multiple modules; Wraith, Hell Fire, DetPack and others. Not unique, but retooled.

  • Bomber: redesigned LAPC, drops heavy explosive charges.

  • GunShip: redesigned HAPC, passangers can operate the Passanger Gun Mounts, a hellaciously offensive mobile weapon battery.

  • Zepplin: buy from a vehicle station, or get one from the Zepplin pad. When wearing one, it's options can be set from the Tab-Weapon Options-Zepplin Options menu to hover, rise, or parachute.

  • Jerico: driven by medium or heavt armors, and incapable of flight, only hovering along the surface. Deploys into a mobile station complete with inventory, command, and turret.

OTHER DETAILS OF BIOWASTELAND MOD IN GENERAL: Theres much more to the mod, such as the things from Shifter, which I didn't make (but probably altered or imporved in some ways), but I'm tired of typing, so that will get you started. Be sure to hit tab, and check out the options available there. The tab menu changes based on what you are carrying or wearing, so check it often.

BioWasteland and Base Tribes Map Making tips:

Script | Jails and other complex deployables | Bone Maps | MapHelpSwitches | Energy Maps | Credit for your map | Objectives and Items

Script: You can use script in a map just like you do when you mod, just put it at
the end of the .mis file. (I used to use a seperate .cs file until I realized
you could just stuff it into the map's .mis).

To Disable Deployables in a map, make use
$Game::missionType = "FFA";

Jails and other complex deployables: to deploy a jail in advance in a map (like my pyre and tomb maps), use code like this...
//team1 jail
%sensor = newObject("Jail Pad","StaticShape","jailStand",true);
addToSet("MissionCleanup/jailports", %sensor);
addToSet("MissionCleanup", %sensor);
GameBase::setPosition(%sensor,"194.871 -143.867 39.3718");
%sensor.disabled = false;
That last line uses up the team's jailpack allowance so they don't deploy
another jail. You can use this line of script to disable any pack or item
in your map that you don't want players to be able to use.
Here's the code to use for bone collector maps...

Bone Maps: to make the Bone's Ancestor objective (need to place it on a cargo to
represent the sarcophagus too) I deploy a hologram, then text edit the
script from hologram to ancestor, like this....
instant StaticShape "Ancestor" {
dataBlock = "Ancestor";
name = "Ancestor";
position = "28.0352 -397.115 67.7932";
rotation = "0.891395 -1.49775 0.493852";
destroyable = "True";
deleteOnDestroy = "False";
locked = "1";

Then add this script to the end of the .mis file....
//set number of bones info
$Bone = 5;
$TBones[0] = $Bone;
$TBones[1] = $Bone;
$Cemetary = "375.713 144.349 -24.3617";//drop point location where lost
bones will be tossed

Map Help Switches: to add Map Help Switches, use this code in your map...
instant StaticShape "MapInstructions1" {
dataBlock = "HelpSwitch";
name = "Map Help";
position = "189.625 -62.9026 1.18734";
rotation = "0 0 0";
destroyable = "True";
deleteOnDestroy = "False";
numSwitchTeams = "0";
locked = "1";

Then add this script to the end of the map, its the messages that will be
displayed when a player bumps the Map Help switch. Max is 5 messages.
$maphelp1 = "The Tribal Elder has died a valient death in battle...";
$maphelp2 = "... and his remains have been laid with honor upon a
sarcophagus deep within the Tribal Tomb.";
$maphelp3 = "Rival Tribes will attempt to collect his Bones for their
legendary powers in battle.";
$maphelp4 = "Collect all five of the Ancestor's Bones and return them to
your own sarcophagus to defeat your opponent!";
$maphelp5 = "Bones abandoned in the field will be placed into the Cemetary
near the middle of the map.";

Energy Maps: to make an energy objective, lay an energy beam, place a trigger around it,
and text edit the trigger script from GroupTrigger to EnergyTrigger, like
instant Trigger "EnergyTrigger1" {
dataBlock = "EnergyTrigger";
name = "";
position = "-74.53 104.204 282.285";
rotation = "0 -0 -2.88305";
boundingBox = "-0.5 -0.5 -2 0.5 0.5 2";
isSphere = "True";

Credit for your map: tips on giving yourself credit for maps you make: you could name a station to give yourself credit, but that's old. I like these ways better... name a map marker so when ppl look at the command map, they see your credit line. Or, I wrote this line of script, which I stuff into the maps .mis file so the map announces your credit....
schedule("Messageall(1, \"A map by B´ohazard!~wmale5.wcheer3.wav\");", 50);

Another thing that line does, is, if you put it very very last line of .mis
file, it tells you if you made an error in any script. How? well, if you
don't hear the message, then a line of script before it has an eror in it.

Objectives and Items:

When naming flags and other team specific things, use this variable in the item name to have it use the Server's team names: <vServer::teamName0>

for example: name = "the <vServer::teamName0> flag";

Objectives: The editor doesn't add all the lines of script neccessary to make a cool map. Open your maps .mis files and add these lines of script to...


objectiveLine = "13";
scoreValue = "5";
objectiveName = "the <vServer::teamName0> flag";

Make sure you place a flag stand for flags, so the flag can be returned! A very very commom mistake.


objectiveName = "the Tower";
locked = "0";

To give the person who grabbed the switch points use this script....
scoreValue = "20";
To give the team points for every second the switch is held use this script...
deltaTeamScore = "12";

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