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Clan Unity : Tribes Faction : Overlord  Biohazard

Clan Lord : ChipMan

Viceroy ; BioPinoy

What is the Tribes Unity Clan? Basically, its an old established clan that plays many games, now including Tribes. It's home base is the BioWasteland Server. We help to ensure the server is a great place to be. Not every member is an admin on the server, but all members should contribute in a positive way. For those members who go for the gusto, we have Champion positions that can be earned through battle...

Champion: Special Forces

Champion: Infantry
Champion: Mechanized Armor
Champion: Engineering Corp


The '||U||'nity

Angrey Cashew


The '||R||'ecruits



Different Unity Tags you might see

'||R||'cruit............................................................   The recruits wear this tag when they first join Unity for a given amount of time.
'||U||'nity.............................................................    Only a FULL Unity member may wear this tag.
'||C||'hampion.................................................... Champions are reconized by wearing this tag.
'||W||'arlord........................................................ The Warlord position may only be held by one person at a time.

Warlord and Division Champions: these positions are places of honor based on skill during competition. If you think your skill exceeds that of a Division Champion, drop a request for an Elimination Match, and it will be scheduled.. Players may hold one Division Champion or WarLord slot at a time. Any member is eligible to compete for Division Champions.

War Lord: In this competition, anything goes. We're looking for the deadliest most effective player.

Special Forces: Light Armor during competition only (Runner, Recon, Assassin, Spy).

Infantry Division: Medium Armors during Competition only (Stealth, Patriot, Goliath, Engineer).

Mechanized Armor: Heavy Armors during Competition only (Dread, Jugger).

Engineering Division: competition will take place in the Engineering Challenge. The engineer with the longest time before his Generator is blown shall be declared the Engineering Division Commander.

BioWasteland Server Rules of Engagement:

  1. Honor, and honorable play
  2. Otherwise, kick the snot outta 'em
  3. If the weapon is available in the game, then its a fair weapon to use. This includes locking missles and placing offensive turrets. The only exception to this is placing turrets where players spawn; that violates rule #1 above.
  4. If your team has thoroughly reaped the enemy's base, hacked all their equiptment, and have mercilessly surrounded their base with offensive turrets and blast walls, then, well, wow, good job! But also remember it sucks to be them, so that might be a good time to let 'em get a breather and rebuild a bit. An opponent who gives you a run for your money is more fun anyway, plus, they will truely know that they must really be inferior to you if you have to spot 'em some handicaps.
  5. If ya gotta cuss, then type it like its spelled. You get the satisfaction of having vented your $%#ing frustration, and the server gets the opportunity to clean it up. this all gets back to rule #1 above. Expect the same of our guests too.
  6. Unity is a long established honorable clan. We are but a faction of that clan, and our actions in Tribes reflect on the clan as a whole, so lets make sure we live up to the standards set by our predecessors. Any Unity member from another game that comes to Tribes will be welcomed as one of ours, well, 'cus he is. The Unity overall supreme big toe is a buddy of mine, so I won't tolerate anyone making us look like buttheads to the rest of the clan.

Guidelines for Admins:

  • Admin and Super Admins are bestowed directly by B´ohazard (me) because that person helps me to make BioWasteland a positive server. These are Administrative appointments by me, and are generally by invitation only. I'm not on 24 hours a day, and I count on my team to help me with these decisions.
  • Admin is there to facilitate enjoyable play on the server. So don't use your admin status to irritate people, use it to make sure things run smooth. Try to let the voting system work; remember, if things aren't what the players want them to be, then they'll go elsewhere where they can have it their way. Use your priviliges judiciously. Sometimes you have to get involved, tho, 'cuz sometimes everyone hates the map they're on, and no one can agree on what the next map should be.
  • If a player is interfering with the enjoyement of the rest, then its time to flex those muscles. Interefering would include spawning, posing, abusing language, flooding the chat, and being a %&$# in the chat interface. A player irritating everyone 'cuz he is so damn good is ok, that's the point, and actually get his address ;) If you feel the urge to kick a player, and you have the priviledge of "giving a player one for being one" (the dreaded cursed P-Armor), I prefer that to a kick. Its more fun to watch the looser run around with the huge probiscus sticking out unable to do anything but look like fool until he gets frustrated and drops on his own accord anyway. If players repeatedly use foul or offensive language, just let 'em know a mute will be in order, cuz we don't much care for it, but they are welcome to stay if they clean it up a bit.
  • One thing you won't need to get involved with: team killing, the server will automatically kick and ban any player who does it too much anyway, so let the server do this unpopular job. It will warn them with each instance, so you don't even need to let 'em know their kick is a comin'. Sometimes a player's team-kill count racks up over time just from accidental collateral damage kills, or they placed a few turrets and then switched teams. Go ahead and clear their team kills to keep them from getting kicked and banned by the server.
  • Another thing you won't have to get involved with: keeping team's even, the server keeps tabs on this too. To this end, refrain from locking teams or juggling folks too much, otherwise you override the even-teams system, and things will get lobsided. Plus, I know I hate it when I get shuffled around on servers without even so much as a request first. You can keep our clansmen on the same team simply by switching around players with teamchange, tho. If we outnumber the poor smucks on the other team, then follow rule #1 above, and place clan members on both teams.

  • If I see you doing a good job of being a steadyhanded Admin, I may just consider giving you SuperAdmin Status. But don't ask for this, cuz I hate to say no. I'm looking for ppl who won't abuse their status, and who go with the flow, and help me make BioWasteland the best server on the net. Nothing is worse than a server which is a place to come and get beat up by a clan and its overbearing cheating admins, and neither I nor Unity will stand for that.

Have an excellent Tribal War!

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